For kids

Children need to be nurtured throughout their lives and encouraged to give maximum effort in whatever they do. Our instructor-to-student relationship is vital in helping them develop their skills and confidence to take into adult life. To achieve this, students are never criticized or punished; we simply show them how to correct their movements and techniques. We are a family and we trust each other in a spirit of faith and support.
Photo of a black belt child in class
We also downplay competition. When children lose in a contest they often feel like they have lost in life as well. Instead, our Choi Kwang Do children learn to encourage and support each other, to be patient, share, behave with respect, and to compassionately relate to one another. They also learn that personal achievement takes time, dedication, and a will to succeed. Some of the key benefits that parents will start to notice in their children include:

  • Respect for others
  • Self-control
  • Improved listening skills
  • Focus and discipline
  • Perseverance

When students reach their goal, they are rewarded with coloured belts and celebrate in a ceremony with other students and instructors. This makes them feel very special with a sense of accomplishment and a strong desire to progress.

Our Pil Suhng (“Certain Victory”) spirit means that if they do not succeed first time, they should get up and try again. At the start of each class, students recite a children’s promise. It acts like a mission statement for them to follow in class, at home, and in school.