For adults

Choi Kwang-Do for adultsAs a member of Sutton & Cheam Choi Kwang-Do, you will quickly learn practical self-defence skills as well as increasing your general fitness, flexibility and co-ordination. We offer these opportunities to mature in a non-contact and non-competitive environment. You will see for yourself the huge benefit that Choi Kwang-Do can offer, and also witness the wonderfully friendly atmosphere and enjoyable workout exercises for adults and children. There are no age or fitness barriers at our school.

Sutton and Cheam Choi Kwang-Do will allow you to develop a greater level of fitness and well-being at your own pace, whilst working through a progressive system of belts all the way to 1st degree black belt and beyond. Throughout your training, instructors are always on hand and happy to give you any support and guidance you may need.

Choi Kwang-Do techniques are based on bio-mechanical principles with no jerky or lock-out movements. This allows you to develop joint and muscle strength without causing any stress or long-term damage to your body.

Whether you want to increase your fitness, improve your health, strength, self-confidence, or merely wish to learn how to defend yourself should the situation arise, please come along and give one of our classes a try. We will certainly make you feel welcome.